Date Saturday 24 February
Venue Address Twigg Oval, 131/133 Taragala Stree Cowra   Note: Next to Twigg Oval is the Cowra Olympic Swimming pool should it be a warm day.
Start Time 12:30pm
Meeting information
Contact Bill Edwards -
Phone   0400 463 003

all race entry fees are non-refundable & non-transferable

To enter races you must login and be a current athlete.

Meeting Details

Entries close Tuesday 20 February

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MEETING POSTPONED - A revised meeting date will be advertised shortly.

Timetable –

12.30        70M Open Sprint                                             Heats

12.45        120M Masters /Novice Handicap                    Heats

1.00          120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Women’s Gift   Heats

1,15          120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Gift                   Heats

Official Opening

1.30         70M Open Sprint                                              Semi Finals

1.50         120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Women’s Gift    Semi Finals

2.00         120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Gift                    Semi Finals                                                       

2.20         300M Open Handicap                                       Heats

Finals Break

2.55         120M Masters/Novice Handicap                   Final

3.10         120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Women’s Gift  Final

3.25         120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Gift                   Final

3,40         70M Open Sprint                                             Final

4.00         300M Open Handicap                                    Final

4.20         70M Open Mixed Skins                                  Final

4.30         Carnival Closes

Prize Money

120M Masters / Novice Handicap

Sponsored by Beecher Wool Service

1st $200 Plus Sash 2nd $75 3rd $50 4th – 6th $25           Total $400

120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Women’s Gift

Sponsored by Cowra Services Club & Motel

1st $600 Plus Sash 2nd $150 3rd $100 4th – 6th $50       Total $1,000

120M Cowra Lachlan Valley Gift

Sponsored by Cowra Motor Inn



$900 Plus Sash 2


$275 3


$145 4


– 6


$60       Total $1,500



70M Open Sprint

Sponsored by Cowra Shire Council

1st $250 Plus Sash 2ND $95 3RD $65 4TH – 6TH $30      Total $500

300M Open Handicap

Sponsored by Cowra Bowling Club

1st $190 Plus Sash 2nd $70 3rd $40 4th – 8th $20            Total $400

70M Open Mixed Skins

Sponsored by West Lucerne Products Pty Ltd

1st $200 Plus Sash 2nd $75 3rd $50 4th – 6th $25              Total $400

The NSW Athletic League would ask all Runners, Trainers and

Supporters when staying in Cowra to please support our major

 Sponsors the Cowra Services Club & Motel and the Cowra Motor Inn..